ShiftCon 2016 VIP Video Package

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Get hours of content from our ShiftCon 2016 conference! Experience three days of learning through our convenient video series.

Perhaps you missed a workshop or maybe you want to watch them again. Up your game by reviewing all of the sessions from ShiftCon 2016. Improve your blog, grow your social media platforms, and increase your influence.

Get all the videos from the ShiftCon 2016. This video package consists of all 15 sessions!

  • You will learn from scientists and experts about green/wellness topics
  • You will meet brands that are safer for your family
  • Moreover, you will enjoy every minute!

Speakers include Robyn O'Brien, Dr. Asa Bradman, Ashley Koff, RD, JP Sears and more!


Session 1: Dropping Science - Pete Myers of Environmental Sciences takes on Endocrine Disruption and Causes

Session 2: Going Pro - Using Email to Grow Your Audience and Turn it into a Profitable Business

Session 3: The Race Forward - How Challenging Racial Stereotypes Benefit Eco-Friendly Industry Growth

Session 4: Backlash and Blowback - How to Navigate the Frontline, from Hashtags to Haters, to the Strength of the Human Heart

Session 5: From Pitch to Publish - How to Navigate the Realm of Traditional Publishing

Session 6: How to Successfully Pitch Traditional Media Outlets

Session 7: SEO Tips, Techniques and New Technologies You Can Easily Utilize to Build More Traffic and Expand Your Audience

Session 8: How to Use Video to Grow Your Presence

Session 9: Hot Science - How Organic Agriculture Improves the Environment

Session 10: What the F-ck Are We Eating - An Overview of Labels

Session 11: Stories, Not Selfies - Instagram Awesomeness for Influencers

Session 12: Hot Science - How Organic Supports a Healthy You

Session 13: From Garbage Islands to Poisonous Plastics - Solutions to Safeguard Our Children, Health, Family & the Ocean

Session 14: The Future of Sustainable Food Production in a Time of Climate Change. Sponsored by California Almonds

Session 15: Overcoming Obstacles - Keeping It Real When Life Is Crazy

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ShiftCon 2016 VIP Video Package

0 ratings
I want this!